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Welcome to Lighthouse Laboratories

Giving you choice... medical research to stop the human hurt without hurting animals

Lighthouse Laboratories was established in 2003 as a charitable not for profit medical research body. With founding roots in Western Australia Lighthouse is expanding its operations and themes interstate.

In addition to operations for medical research, fundraising and administration, Lighthouse has an interest in science communication, education and medical research ethics with regard to the welfare of humans in clinical trials and the replacement of animals in medical research.


Medical research to stop the human hurt without hurting animals


Developing and supporting medical research facilities or programs such as:


Our founding research is childhood cancer. Neuroblastoma is of particular interest. We are trying to understand and exploit the spontaneous regression phenomenon that is associated with this neoplasm (tumour /cancer). It is hoped that this knowledge will translate in to improving diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neuroblastoma. We believe this work will also have benefits for other forms of neoplasm. Currently, our research inquiries centre on the POMC gene.

With time and growth, Lighthouse shall expand with other medical research themes. As such, we welcome expressions of interest from prospective research leaders.

Research is a team effort; both public and corporate support is crucial. Therefore, we invite your participation.

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