Cancer Research

It is rare to meet a person today that doesn’t know of someone that has been touched by cancer. It is fair to state that many causes can lead to cancer. Genetic predisposition, lifestyle, environmental and industrial pressures are but a few examples.

Natural Cure

The public long for a cure to cancer, however, a natural cure may be intrinsic to us all.

Spontaneous regression of cancer is an acknowledged phenomenon documented in the research literature. Chance may be a factor; in such a setting the event is frequently reported in association with pregnancy or infection.

Four neoplasm are known to regress spontaneously with a degree of expectancy:

  • neuroblastoma,
  • malignant melanoma,
  • choriocarcinoma, and
  • renal carcinoma.

Hemagioma is another form of tumour also known to involute and regress.


Neuroblastoma predominantly affects children, in particular children under two years of age.

Neuroblastoma stands out amongst the other spontaneously regressing neoplasms as the regression phenomenon usually occurs with a specific stage of the disease, but more notably, within a specific window of time: under one year of age. This is very suggestive that neuroblastoma capitulates to a developmental process.

Understanding and exploiting such a process could not only benefit older children affected by neuroblastoma, it could also be beneficial in the treatment of other forms of cancer.

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